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Daily RAP Bell Schedule 1


8:15                     Bell to enter building

8:20-9:05            1st hour

9:05-9:15            Home-base

9:15-10:00          2nd hour

10:05-10:50        3rd hour

10:55-11:25        RAP

11:30-12:15        4th hour            

12:15-12:40        Lunch

12:45-1:30          5th hour

1:35-2:20            6th hour

2:25-3:10             7th hour

Welcome New Middle School Teachers!
Welcome New Middle School Teachers!


Ridgerunner Academic Period is a time embedded in our daily bell schedule to provide academic support for all students. Our objective is to provide support for students to become academically successful. Our staff will help students become organized, responsible, and academically accountable.



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”The relationship between students and passionate teachers will always be the foundation of successful classrooms.” – Unknown.

School Supplies

Middle School Supplies

Notebook paper, 3 subject spiral notebook, pocket folders, pencils, red ink pens, black ink pens, plastic ruler, glue, colored pencils, 1” 3 ring binder.

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