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Parents or Guardians,

A safety issue was brought to my attention today that has led me to re-address the “No Backpack” rule that was fully implemented on Wednesday, September 19.  After recognizing today that a number of students were still carrying large binders, bags with shoulder straps, and a few other items that were resembling backpacks, I realized I need to be more specific regarding classroom allowances for this new rule.  

First, I want to remind you that the “No Backpack” rule was implemented for your child’s safety.  After noticing some of the items that were still being carried,  I decided to immediately go to individual classrooms (5th hour) and explain to students what would and would not be allowed at GMS moving forward.  This classroom visit allowed your child the opportunity to ask me questions and allowed me to give my explanation on the change.  There were a couple of classrooms that I was not able to make it to due to time constraints.  I apologize if I was not able to meet with your child’s class.

Moving forward, I would like for you to know what will and will not be allowed for this school year.


Backpacks, Binders or Trapper Keepers that zip and enclose items where they are not visible.


Three ring binders; Binders that velcro (but still allow for items to be visible); Fannypacks, purses, pencil pouches, or handbags that are the size of an 8 x 11 sheet of paper or smaller.

I want to apologize to you in advance if you purchased anything that is not going to be allowed to be carried to each classroom.  Students are still allowed to use and bring these items with them to school, but they must fit in their locker where they will be kept during the day.  I did not forsee the large zipper binders being an issue when making the change to no backpacks in the classroom.  I wish that I would have recognized this to prevent any confusion or miscommunication.  Again, I want to apologize if you purchased alternative items that will not be allowed in the classroom.  

If you have additional comments or concerns that this letter does not address, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation in ensuring the safety of students and staff at Grove Middle School.

Thank you,

Jeff Gibe

GMS Principal

(918) 786-3003 ext.1311






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